Thursday, August 4, 2011

Commander's Report: Sperry calls on Generals to recruit more Generals and update bylaws to streamline process

Recruiting more members into the Association of Washington Generals should be a top priority of the organization, Commander Bill Sperry stated at the July 12 meeting of the AWG’s executive board in Olympia.

Commander Bill Sperry

“It is obvous to me, that since becoming associated with the Generals, that one of the reasons we are declining in support is because we are not ‘sexy’ enough, we do not have enough good causes for people to rally behind,” Sperry said. "Just raising money for school kids’ scholarships just isn’t enough.”

Sperry said the focus must be on proper organization, with a strong set of bylaws and the financial support through dues to back it up.

Sperry called on the organization to open its doors widely to new members who deserve recognition, saying there should be “no limits” as to the number.

“I feel there are hundreds of people in our state who should be honored,” Sperry said. “If you find someone who deserves to be a General, write them up and we will get them approved for an award!”

Sperry said a new “general” category of membership should be created in the bylaws in order to bring more people as Generals. The process of admitting new members should also be streamlined, he added, noting that a broader membership base could potentially bring in more dues-paying members.

Following Sperry’s comments, General Ralph Ibarra offered to lend his lengthy business management experience to the task of updating the bylaws with a more efficient process for membership.

“The process needs to be done systematically so we don’t have to go back and fix each time and so the organization doesn’t find itself at risk in any way, shape or form,” said Ibarra.

"Things change, and we need to be on top of that," said Sperry. "I compare this to a five-paragraph field order, that is the five-step process for problem solving that we learned in the Army."

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