Monday, March 26, 2012

Another good week for the Nikolai

General Bill Sperry and crew concluded another busy week with the Nikolai project.  In a note to the AWG board, the past commanding general had this to report:

The week just ending  was a good week, even had a no-rain day. All the beams are up, including the rafters.  It will take another two days to set the rafters and do the fine-tuning. By Friday the roof should be on. After that we have the floor to pour , the sidewalks, and flag poles to install. The end is in sight. The final grade, landscaping, and electrical will be all that is left to do.

Sperry's report, along with the photos sent by his wife, General Kitty Sperry, prompted this reply by Adjutant General Roger Flygare: 

"Wow...what a HUGE PIECE OF CEDAR...all the wood is so beautiful.  The fit of the pieces is astonishing.  I feel like I want to move into make it a home!!  Well, I guess it is a home of sorts...It's the home of the Sv. Nikolai Expedition of 1808 designed and built by the sure, strong and steady hands of IPCG Bill Sperry!"

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